Targeted R&D to solve challenging problems

Innovation is in our DNA. Our team has successfully completed R&D projects for a broad range of clients worldwide.

At any time, we have concurrent R&D projects in partnerships with major research institutions including the CSIRO and universities around the globe.

Through rigorous R&D testing we create fully working systems that fit seamlessly into an existing factory.

Our R&D skills help us to deliver boldness and flexibility that is unique to the marketplace. This advantage has helped us to win major contracts over international competition.

Our innovative approach to R&D

Computer Simulations

We simulate our design problems with software for spatial analysis.

Prototype Testing

We create the best design solution and then develop prototypes for real world testing.

Force Analysis

We conduct extensive experiments to measure the forces experienced by machines and supporting equipment. We then design components to withstand those forces.

Time Analysis

We run equipment tests in-house to ensure they meet cycle times in the final design.


We verify our experimental results with calculations.

Custom Designs

We can develop bespoke mechanical design solutions for any application.