3 x Robot Cells that uniquely TIG WELDS 0.5mm thick stainless steel.

  • Employs sophisticated, high accuracy, water cooled, argon purged parts positioning & clamping Jigs.
  • Multiple welding station per Cell allows parallel welding and loading/unloading.
  • Robot makes continuous TIG welds of straight and curved butt and lapped seams.

Benefits for Client.

  • Automates 0.5mm stainless steel TIG welding that cannot be manually done.
  • Consistent production.
  • Consistent Quality
  • OH&S savings in harsh welding environment.

For leading Hot Water Cylinder manufactuer.

Twin Robots & Vision System in Cell that identifies infeed parts variables, assembles components onto these parts, and welds these components to the parts.

  • Handles 12 different Domed parts.
  • Vision System identifies variables such a Dome size, punched hole positions, part height and general conformity.
  • Assembly Robot picks components and assembles them to Dome according to precise positions measured by the Vision System.
  • Welding robot MIG welds the components onto Dome in the positions as measured by the Vision System.

Benefits for Client.

  • Vision Systems identifies and handles infeed Dome variables.
  • Robot Cell handles product range with no tool setting and change parts.
  • Vision System allows very simple mechanical jigging design.
  • Manpower savings in parts assembly and welding operations.
  • OH&S savings in harsh welding environment