Applied Robotics and Apparel Robotics were founded by Dr Paul Wong in 1985.

Dr Wong's background is in Mechanical Engineering where he spent his early years in robotics research. His work on robotic assembly is widely cited in seminal publications on Robotics Technology.

Following a number of years in both white goods production technology and medical technology R&D (Fisher Paykel), he was appointed as Officer-in-Charge of the Australian Wool Corporation's Robot Sheep Shearing Programme. Over the next 4 years the Programme produced the world's first sheep shearing robot.

In 1985 Dr Wong recognized the opportunity to develop and commercialise leading edge automation and robotics systems for the handling and processing of difficult workpieces - that is those that are pliable, elastic, flimsy, delicate and porous such as fabrics, textiles, foodstuffs, etc. as opposed to easy to handle metallic and hard plastic workpieces. He established Apparel Robotics and Applied Robotics - companies to address the requirements for difficult workpieces and standard workpieces automation, respectively.

As a consequence, right through to today, the Companies has maintained an innovative stance, consistently creating "Quantum Jump" solutions for its clients. It is these world first solutions that have underpinned our exports success.

In its R&D side, Applied Robotics is consistently winning major contracts over international competition, and holds many patents and have licensed our technology to aerospace giant Raytheon Corporation.

In the last 20 years, the Companies have become a leading supplier of innovative automation and robotics systems with over 350 installed systems in Australia, USA, Europe & Japan. Our clients list include all the major groups and companies in Australia and Fortune 500 companies overseas.