Twin Robots in workcell that uniquely loads and unload gas cylinders onto hooks on a moving powder coating Paintline Chain.

  • Handles all cylinder sizes up to G & H sizes
  • Performs check on cylinder’s hanging feature (screwed on hoop)
  • Robot picks cylinder off infeed conveyor, orientates it and holds it close to and moves in synchronism with the Paintline's overhead moving hooks.
  • Vision System cameras takes front and side views snapshots and calculates 3D offsets between hoop and nearest hook.
  • Robot moves the cylinder the 3D offset distances to complete the loading task.
  • Cycle time is 15 seconds.

Benefits for Client.

  • Automation of a task that was hitherto (internationally) deemed beyond the current technology.
  • Manpower savings in paintline loading.
  • Production rates consistency.
  • OH&S savings in manual lifting of up to 60kg cylinders