Robot Cell that ASSAYS biological samples for Bowel Cancer detection.

  • Picks biological sample cards from infeed magazine.
  • Checks and corrects their orientation
  • Places cards under micro-dosing modules to apply re-agents.
  • Stores cards in temporary pigeon holes and monitors their chemical reaction time.
  • Picks these cards from their pigeon holes at the expiry of their development time.
  • Places the cards into a Vision colour recognition system, that determines the outcome of the test for each sample card by resolving precise colour variations.
  • Automatically records the result for each barcoded card and generates a response letter to the patient.
  • Cycle time is 1.5 seconds per sample card.

Benefits for Client.

  • Automatic handling of infectious biological samples.
  • Automation of repetitive and accuracy demanding accurate reagent dosing operation.
  • Automation of demanding chemical development timing function
  • Automation of demanding colour differentiation function.
  • Automated result logging and client response generation.
  • Provided production and engineering expertise to project.