Applied Robotics has always maintained full in-house capability to better serve our clients, in tight quality control and tight project timelines. Our engineering design team comprises mechanical, electrical and mechatronics engineers, and our fully equipped workshop is staffed by our own toolmakers, fitters and electricians. We have the capacity to run 4 to 5 major projects simultaneously.

Our projects span the spectrum from a single machine or robot workcell to multiple production lines. In all of these Applied Robotics is the principal supplier, producing both the mechanical and controls systems with in-house capability.

Our largest project to date is in a new Carpet Tile Production plant for Milliken & Co, USA, in 1996 when we designed and supplied all the carpet tile handling automation for this 30 acre-sized factory. This comprised 5 production lines.

On the home front, on the recently publicised photovoltaic cell innovation by Origin Energy and Australian National University, we researched the concept, then developed and supplied the now patented, underpinning Cell Assembly Technology which assembles thin and brittle silicon slivers to an accuracy of 5 microns and at rates up to 4 per second.